PowerTerm Software – Secure Access To Your Terminal

PowerTerm is a server-based, fully featured, on demand, web-based software solution for controlling, managing, monitoring and alerting on servers as well as supporting application and network functionality. The company’s mission is to partner corporations in creating solutions that will enhance business efficiency while reducing overhead. Customers benefit with reduced costs, more time available per hour … Read more

Why You Should Use a Windows Terminal Software Package

Windows Terminal is a multi Tabbed graphical front-end which Microsoft has designed as a more powerful replacement for Windows Console. It enables you to run any other command-line program, such as all Windows terminal emulators, right from your desktop. This means that you no longer have to switch to another application to use the terminal. … Read more

V-gow Mainframe Terminal Emulator

V-gow Mainframe Terminal Emulator A VGA to DOS, or Video BIOS, is a kind of mainframe terminal emulator. This emulates a computer’s BIOS and allows for use with any old mainframe computer. The way it works is that you turn off your computer, and then you enter a certain mode. You can then set up … Read more

What Is A VTA Terminal Emulator?

What Is A VTA Terminal Emulator? A VTA terminal emulator is a program that allows you to emulate a normal (or virtual) terminal in Windows so that you can use it with a VGA based computer. The Zodiac is a good program for this purpose. You can use the computer as a virtual terminal and … Read more

A Review Of The Syma Procomm PLUS

Recently updated laptop from Microsoft (internal modem) to an internal laptop with Windows 10(USRobots 56K USB Modem) using the Symantec Procomm Plus download. I have been surfing the net for more than 2 weeks now trying to resolve the problem on my laptop. The download did not give any errors. I was able to successfully … Read more

Model M Terminal Emulation

Model M Terminal Emulation The IBM System/34 “azel bay” used with the IBM Model M was equipped with an automated operating system called the “olin” in several different versions. The “olin” ran on the mainframe of the ” Welch ” Brands ” machines. An ATA card, or Mon EEPROM, with memory and a microprocessor operated … Read more

Arch Terminal Emulator – Get the Most Out of Your PC

The Arch Linux distribution is an outstanding example of a great Linux distribution. It is used for running several different Linux flavors, and is very well known for its great stability. However, it has one glaring shortcoming: the lack of an arch terminal emulator. If you are using Arch, you will need to be able … Read more