Playing World of Warcraft With a cmd Emulator

Playing World of Warcraft With a cmd Emulator A Windows command line emulator is software that allows you to simulate hardware such as a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick and many other devices. Most of these emulators are available online for free, while others require a fee to download. If you want to play Command and … Read more

Using HyperTerminal in Windows 7

Using HyperTerminal in Windows 7 Windows Terminals are an awesome tool to have in the office or home. For those of you who do not know what a terminal is, it is a computer program designed to run multiple applications at the same time. They are perfect for multiple user tasks like controlling multiple computers … Read more

A Network Printer With Winamp formatting Capability

A Network Printer With Winamp formatting Capability Tn3272 Plus is a fast, powerful and inexpensive telnet client program. It is a complete replacement for classic telnet software and can be used to connect any of your old, slow and outdated computers through to the new modern internet with full broadband capability. This software allows you … Read more

How a Gamecube Emulator Works

The 3270 emulator is the latest piece of software which emulates the Nintendo GameCube. It is an open source program, and is able to be downloaded for free off of the Internet. The program can be used on any computer with Windows, and is able to read the Gamecube’s boot sector, which means that it … Read more

Using an Emulator For Windows

A good way to learn about the Unix operating system is by using an UNIX Emulator for Windows. An emulator is a virtual machine that executes one or more programs on a computer, just like the real thing. You can use the same technology that your computer uses in its regular operations, but with the … Read more

A Review on PowerTerm

A Review on PowerTerm PowerTerm is an open-source graphical user interface (GUI) application that controls Windows based interface terminals. It presents desktop virtualization applications that can be used with Windows interface programs such as Directories and Files. Using PowerTerm allows for many different workflows to be used between your workstation and the server. For example, … Read more

Using a Browser Terminal Emulator to Enhance Efficiency

Browser terminals are a mode of web applications used by terminals. Traditional terminal experiences can consist of 3 270, 5250, VT 220 and ORAC/DVI type terminals. One traditional way of providing terminals with browser-based applications is to run an emulator on the client end systems which connect directly to either a network server using a … Read more

Different Terminals Emulators

Different Terminals Emulators Terminal Emulators are a great tool for testing and debugging computer hardware and software. Hardware experiments and software modifications can be easily performed on a terminal emulator, which enables you to explore the full potential of your hardware while keeping the costs down. There is a wide range of terminal emulators available, … Read more