A Review Of The Syma Procomm PLUS

Recently updated laptop from Microsoft (internal modem) to an internal laptop with Windows 10(USRobots 56K USB Modem) using the Symantec Procomm Plus download. I have been surfing the net for more than 2 weeks now trying to resolve the problem on my laptop. The download did not give any errors. I was able to successfully install Symantec Procomm Plus easily and run successfully, other than a blue screen error every time close the program.

symantec procomm plus

Symantec Procomm Plus is a software I purchased from the Microsoft website. It is designed to ease in the management of files and document translations. This program comes with three versions, Professional, Enterprise and Personal. The version I purchased came with the Windows 95 CD-ROM which came with the upgrade program. The software has been able to successfully perform all its tasks, files and documents have been successfully translated across various operating systems including XP, Mac, UNIX and Windows 95.

On my laptop, the setup was simple and quick. I connected the USB port using the standard connection cable and followed the on screen instructions. I clicked on’scan’ button and immediately received a list of files found and translated. Then I located the files and folders where needed and double checked the translation. The program did not find any errors during the process and so I successfully installed the Procomm plus in my computer.

In my opinion, the most important function of the software is its ‘encyclical file transfers.’ It performs a virtual terminal emulations to transfer files and folders from one system to another. What it does is to emulate the physical processes of copying a file to the virtual file storage device and then uploading it into the destination computer. This feature makes the software extremely useful especially when you have multiple computers and network servers as it allows for automatic file transfers.

The following step is very important. You should backup your current operating system before starting the program. Symantec Procomm Plus has an inbuilt back up utility. However, it is not able to backup the entire system so I had to create a new one. I used the latest Symantec PC Optimizer v6.8 to backup my system and set it up properly, in a short time the backup was complete and I was able to continue using my new Symantec Procomm plus 4.8 laptop.

The sound quality of the audio files played on my Symantec Procomm Plus laptop was excellent. It sounded as though someone sat down at the computer to play it for me. It has excellent sound quality so it comes as no surprise that the output on my laptop also sounds great. The video screen of the program is large so it could be easy for the user to view the files even with large windows.

One thing that the good points about the Syma Procomm plus is its durability. My laptop used to get knocks every now and then but my Procomm has held up well against those knocks. Even when I ran it under high heat the screen did not burn or crack. I think the best thing about the Syma Procomm plus product is the ease of use it gives my users.

The Syma Procomm plus version 4.8 has been upgraded several times over the years and is still as good as new. It has always been a good buy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a very versatile product to run their business on. As long as you are using windows you will not go far wrong with this program.