How to Fix Rocket Blue Zone Errors

RocketBlueZoom’s mainframe software has recently been updated, and with this update came some fairly serious improvements and bug fixes. The updates to the software resulted in the software being able to handle two more errors that can potentially cause the launch failure of the Blue Zone. These are also called the logical printer error and … Read more

A VGA Terminal Emulator For Your Personal Computer

A VGA Terminal Emulator For Your Personal Computer VT100 terminal emulator is one of the most popular emulators for Microsoft Windows operating system. Many people have also considered using it to emulate different terminals including Linux, Mac, and other BSD systems. But in case you are new to this field, you might not be aware … Read more

The As400 Emulator

As400 is a very useful freeware application for computer users that gives an opportunity to play the popular Asphalt OS Game on your computer. The application offers a variety of features which make the game extremely interesting. The As400 simulator uses a virtual keyboard to control the game itself. In addition, this application also includes … Read more

Play Nintendo Games With a Free 3270 Emulator

A free 3270 emulator is a device that is designed to be used with the emulators software that are based on the Game Boy Color system. The Game Boy used to be one of the first home consoles to be produced and was a radical departure from the earlier games that were produced for the … Read more

How to Load Bluezone Emulator to Your PC

One of the coolest and most useful features in any emulators software is the bluezone emulator. It enables you to play the most popular arcade game from the eighties – Blue Zone. But before you can actually play the game, you will have to install the bluezemulator on your computer first. You will also need … Read more

Computer Term Emulator

Computer Term Emulator If you are interested in emulating a computer system that is either closed source or free, then you may be wondering what a term emulator is. You will find that term, as its name suggests, is a program that can simulate a computer operating system. This is the reason why so many … Read more

What Is A Rocket Emulator?

What Is A Rocket Emulator? Blue Zone, which was acquired by Rocket Science in August 2021 with its own open source software, is the go-to tool for many Rocket users who want to have a reliable TN5250 emulate for a laptop computer that needs to access legacy IBM systems and other applications that are yet … Read more

Emulator For Your Serial Terminal

Emulator For Your Serial Terminal What is a serial terminal emulator and how can you use it to get your computer or laptop to run your applications on the older style terminal? If you are not familiar with this term, then you should. The computer may be using a different type of terminal than what … Read more

Why Use IBM As400 Emulator?

Why Use IBM As400 Emulator? IBM As400 is a popular personal computer model manufactured by the company IBM. It has been in use since 1981. With an improved system bus and support for several operating systems, this system has become more popular over the years. But still it is not as powerful as some other … Read more